Shel, also known as the Grand Wizard, is a Wizard that is Grand, sealed away in time after he transformed the tree of life, also known as the Giving Tree, into an unspeakable weapon, destroying most of the world's population.

Grand Wizard

The Grand Wizard

The Beforetimes Edit

Shel was a smart and wise old wizard who loved to help others, yet he never seemed to be satisfied. He was a giver, but also a thief. He realized that with the tree of life, the central tree in Karoland, he could recreate it to destroy the world. Soon enough he cast a dark spell on the tree which destroyed every meme from the earth, causing the world to be reset.

The Justice Edit

It seemed as if Shel was to go about his life unharmed, as he had sucessfully reset the world and created a new universe. However, there were certain leftover peices from the old universe, glitches if you will. They remembered Shel and they wanted revenge. They rose from the past and took revenge on the evil wizard who had erased them. They were happy and faded peacefully. Shel was locked away in a special rift, located in the giving tree's roots. It is said that on the Year 1000, a mist will envelop the tree and Shel will rise once more.

Trivia Edit

Shel is based on a drawing from diary of a wimpy kid, depicting a creepy shel silverstein.

Shel can shoot lazers from his eyes.

Shel is evil.

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